Sat, 2nd Aug. 2014

A farmers guide to lounging….

Merton Farm is a mixed arable farm between the A2 and the B2068. The site enjoys fantastic drainage and rarely stays muddy for long. The farm is quite hilly in parts but the main arenas are fairly flat. If you are carrying an injury or have a disability moving around the site can be quite tiring but hopefully well worth it!

This guide will help you enjoy the highs and avoid the lows of lounging farm style...

Gate opening times 

Saturday 2nd August: 9am – 8pm
The site closes at 2pm on Sunday 3rd August.

What to bring...

  1. Don’t forget your ticket and ID.
  2. Only bring what you can afford to lose.
  3. Don’t forget, no alcohol or glass can be brought on to site. 
  4. Travel light. Everything you need will be available on site but always have wet wipes and a torch.
  5. Bring all weather clothing – ponchos, walking boots, lots of dry socks and a high factor suncream.
  6. Lounge on the Farm has the best festival food around and its cheap too so leave the food and cooking equipment at home.
  7. There will be NO cash points on site but there will be cash back at the bars. Bring 1 ATM card. Make a note of the numbers to make cancellation easier. 
  8. Also make a note of your phones IMEI number. Press *#06# on your phone and write it down. This will make cancellation easier if necessary.
  9. Only bring the keys that you absolutely need. 
  10. Bring your vital medications.
  11. Don’t bring a stereo or soundsystem. The campsites are patrolled and rogue systems will be confiscated and you won’t like that at all.

Getting there

  1. Travelling by public transport saves money, reduces stress and you won’t lose your car keys. Taxi shares are the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get from the stations to the festival.
  2. Nackington Road is served by Stagecoach 18 (Canterbury – Hythe via Stelling Minnis)
  3. Taxis from Canterbury West and Canterbury East take about 20 mins and will cost in the region of £10 to £7 respectively.
  4. Gates open at 9am on Saturday 2nd August 2014. Please do not arrive before 9am as you won’t be able to get in. Please note bars and stages do not open until 11am and noon respectively but you can pitch your tent, have some breakfast and get accustomed to the site.
  5. All parking is onsite. Cars parked illegally outside the event gates will be towed.
  6. Vehicles are parked at the owners risk.
  7. Vehicle checks are in operation.
  8. There is no access to the site via Hollow Lane and Stuppington Lane. All traffic must access via Nackington Road.
  9. If you are using SatNav the postcode for the farm is CT4 7BA.
  10. If you are driving to LOUNGE ON THE FARM why don't you add any potential spare seats you have on GoCarShare? They connect you with people looking for a ride who contribute to your journey costs.

    GoCarShare uses Facebook, so you can see if you share friends or like similar music to your potential car share buddies. It's a great fun, green and cost effective way to travel to LOUNGE ON THE FARM, so please add your journey and spare seat capacity by clicking on the image below!

Getting in

  1. Give your friends their tickets in advance. There is no point trying to meet outside the festival to do this.
  2. Be prepared to show your ticket to car park stewards but do not give your ticket to anyone until you reach the wristbanding box offices.
  3. Buy a programme at the gate so you’re ahead of the game when you get on site.
  4. All wristbands are issued at the site box office. These are non replaceable. The campsite is only open to Camping Wristband holders. Day wristband holders will not be permitted to enter the campsite and will have to leave the site when the festival closes at 3am.
  5. If you have not pre booked your car park ticket this will be payable at the car park gate.

Making Camp

  1. There are quieter camp areas if you prefer. Follow the signs or ask a steward. 
  2. There are campsite hubs where you can ask for help, advice or any welfare matters. Stewards hereare trained and are there to help you.
  3. Note where you have camped in relation to the fixed fire point number or put a flag on your tent. 
  4. Tents are easy to lose in a sea of tents.
  5. Build a community and look out for eachother but......... try not to build giant circles of tents that take up too much room.
  6. Don’t build campfires or use camping stoves.
  7. Use UV pens to postcode your property. Spread your belongings out and keep them to a minimum.
  8. Candles are dangerous and pointless. Use a torch.
  9. If you discover a fire raise the alarm immediately but do not put yourself at risk by tackling it.
  10. Respect your neighbours and watch your volume as it gets later. Do not use personal sound systems.

General Info

  1. As of July 2007, smoking is not permitted in enclosed public areas.
  2. Please use litter bins provided.
  3. Please use the toilets and urinals provided – do not pollute the farm.
  4. To protect your own safety and that of others please act responsibly
  5. There are NO ATMS on site. Cash back is available from the bars


  1. At the end of the event day ticket holders will be directed to leave via the pedestrian or car park exit.
  2. Please leave as quietly as possible and if you choose to walk back to Canterbury please respect our neighbours.
  3. Taxis will be available for hire on Merton Lane. They will not drive on to site.

Information for families 

LOTF is great for big kids, young farmers and little loungers alike and here are some handy tips for making it all the more perfect…


  1. There are 2 types of under 18 tickets. Children which are 0 – 12 years and Youths which are 13 – 17 years. All of these tickets must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 30 if not the parent or legal guardian) up to a maximum of 2 under 18s per adult.
  2.  Families must camp together. Children will not be allowed to camp unaccompanied.
  3. Children are provided with blank white wristbands. Please write an emergency mobile number on this wrist band. DO NOT WRITE THE CHILDS NAME.
  4. Lost and found children will be taken to Welfare.
  5. Bring plenty of sunscreen and waterproofs - and don't forget a sunhat.
  6. A nice strong but snuggly rug/blanket is essential. It's great to sit on during the day and great to wrap them up in during the evening, as is plastic sheet to sit on if it gets wet.
  7. A wheelbarrow, off-road pushchair, bike trailer buggy or other form of push/pull impromptu transportation for young children is useful. Not only can it help you cart about all that you need to cater for every child-related eventuality, it will also relieve those inevitably tired little legs. The Festival site isn’t massive, but kids will get tired and unless you are happy to carry them for a long time, you need some transport.
  8. Bring plenty of carton drinks. They are cheap, easy to carry and you can leave a tray in the car for later. There is plenty of access to drinkable tap water so bringing dilutable squash is another option.
  9. A first aid kit (with Savlon, plasters, wipes, waspese, midge repellant, calpol, etc) is helpful but we have first aid on site who can help you too.
  10. Bring biodegradable wet wipes - they are useful for everything from your daily wash, wiping hands before eating and wiping bums.
  11. If you have a formula fed baby, then invest in those bottles that use disposible liner bags (the sort you use for freezing breast milk) and a load of ready mixed formula milk in cartons. If your child is a little older compromise any healthy eating morals and get prepared tins (glass is banned on site).
  12. Bring your kids down to Welfare right at the beginning of your trip to LOTF – if you came be car its probably be the first thing you will see upon entering from the box office. It will give you and the kids a chance to meet the welfare team (the purple people) who are the friendly faces who take care of any lost kids.
  13. Big crowds can be daunting for children, to avoid separating from them, give your kids the same advice you would if you were anywhere else: don't go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first. If they get lost, have them ask for help from security or steward, any Festival staff with a radio, another adult with children, or one of the Information Points.
  14. It's really helpful if children have their parent's mobile number on them – we provide white wristbands for this but DO NOT write their name on it.
  15. If you lose your children ask for advice at the Welfare Point or a Festival official. Found kids are looked after at Welfare. (see point 1).
  16. There are no creche facilities at the Festival. You should make arrangements within your group of friends and partners for someone to be supervising your children at all times.

Disabled Access

  1. Carer tickets are available through and admit one adult plus one. You will be required to provide supporting information at the gate upon arrival. If you have any queries about this please contact 
  2. Disabled camping and parking are situated as close as possible to the site entrance.
  3. Exact locations of disabled toilets will be given on site, but there will be adapted toilets at each public toilet block in the arena and in the disabled customer/guest campsite. The toilets are regularly serviced but are not locked during the day so therefore are open to use by non-disabled customers.
  4. Viewing platforms are available at all outdoor stages.

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