5 Things to Consider When Attending the "Burning Man" Music Festival

The Burning Man Festival is a seven-day annual event that takes place in Black Rock, Nevada (US). The curious thing about this festival is that “black rock” is celebrated in a temporary city built by the participants. In 2012, the festival attracted more than 53,000 people. Some of the most interesting aspects of the Burning Man are the art, the fact that everyone leaves no trace, nothing to trade or

How to Attend Music Festivals without Getting Physically Destroyed in the Process

We know that the word “festival” already leaves us with a thought of fun moments, drinking with friends, enjoying good music, among other things. But like any day, you should also rest. Now, the conditions in which they will have to sleep may not be the most comfortable or elegant, but the important thing is to rest for the next day and wake up energized in order to continue enjoying

4 Things to Consider Where Attending a Music Festival with Your Significant Other

Music festivals have always been the dream of any young person to share with friends, save incredible moments, and listen to their favorite music. Now imagine going to a festival with your partner, the one you feel is the love of your life … It will be more fun! This is an excellent way for both of you to escape from every day routine and to have wonderful and unrepeatable

The 5 Most Important Rules When Going Backstage on a Music Festival

A festival is not just a place where young people go to drink and spend several days of madness; it is a cultural and musical meeting point. But being invited to the backstage of a festival is another level, with good luck and good contacts, it can be done. When we attend a festival, we know we can drink, smoke, and eat what we want, dance, scream, sing… Now, being

4 Tips to Understand When Choosing a Music Festival to Attend

Going to festivals is one of the coolest things and it should be on the to-do lists of many people, but sometimes it’s an impediment to go due to work, money, distance, among other things. But always try to make an effort to meet that goal. Now, how to choose which festival to go to? Look at the Line-Up The first thing to choose which festival to attend is the

4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Rockaoke Band for Your Event

There is a new modality of entertainment for some events and parties, which is Rockaoke. This not a conventional karaoke, it’s all the opposite. The goal is to make the audience feel authentic rock stars. They offer you the band live and you offer your voice. It’s something that can be fun, so it’s worth it. Now, how to know when to hire a good rockaoke for an event? Here

Radio Riddler's Purple Reggae - Everything You Need to Know About Their New Album

Radio Riddler is a Reggae music band composed by Frank Benbini as vocalist and guitarist, Brian Fast Leiser as keyboardist, Jay Lindsey on trombone, Adrian Dubby on electric bass, Darryl Reid on drums and Naim Cortazzi on keyboard. They started this musical project in 2011 under the MITA Records label. Their Prince Album Their album Purple Reggae was his best-known debut album, where they made pure covers of Prince’s Purple