The 5 Most Important Rules When Going Backstage on a Music Festival

The 5 Most Important Rules When Going Backstage on a Music Festival

A festival is not just a place where young people go to drink and spend several days of madness; it is a cultural and musical meeting point. But being invited to the backstage of a festival is another level, with good luck and good contacts, it can be done.

When we attend a festival, we know we can drink, smoke, and eat what we want, dance, scream, sing… Now, being in the backstage is something else, how should you behave?


Getting invited you to the backstage of a festival or concert goes beyond all the expectations or dreams of any young person, but beyond all emotion, we must control and respect the space of the artists or bands that are presenting.

In addition, we have to respect their privacy and not being able to access their dressing rooms or resting places. Only the privileged people will have access to the backstage, and you have to behave like  if you would not want to be expelled.

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Become Friends with the Security Guys

If you want to get a benefit from meeting some celebrity or being closer to the stage, you can make friends with the security men. They are the ones who have the obligation to control the area, watching and protecting the artists who present themselves.

That’s why they are so rigorous with the people who enter or leave. Try to start a conversation, but do not abuse and learn to respect the times and interpret when they are in good or bad mood. If they do not want to talk, just leave them alone.

Enjoy the Presentation

If you are attending one of your least favorite artists or bands’ presentations, or you just do not like them that much, just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the music and be privileged by the proximity you will have with the performers. Dance, sing, and enjoy as much as you can.

Don’t Eat or Drink Anything Unless Offered

Being in the backstage is a privilege that not everyone has, and if you go as a guest, it’s because you’re very lucky, but all the catering and drink that is available there is for the workers and artists with their equipment, not for the guests. Unless some worker, or the person who offered the passes, gave you something, stay off the food and drinks.

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You Can Use Your Phone

Obviously you can use your phone at any time, so you can record all the presentations from a better perspective than being in the public. Take advantage and upload all your photos and videos in your social networks, especially if you can get your photo taken with that famous person you like so much.

These are some of the basic ground rules when attending these events. Don’t behave like a child and who knows, maybe you’ll get invited sometime in the future.

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