5 Things to Consider When Attending the “Burning Man” Music Festival

5 Things to Consider When Attending the "Burning Man" Music Festival

The Burning Man Festival is a seven-day annual event that takes place in Black Rock, Nevada (US). The curious thing about this festival is that “black rock” is celebrated in a temporary city built by the participants.

In 2012, the festival attracted more than 53,000 people. Some of the most interesting aspects of the Burning Man are the art, the fact that everyone leaves no trace, nothing to trade or even brands, de-commodification, and the collective energy of the attendees.

Burning Man offers scholarships to hundreds of artists, creating luminous, interactive, psychedelic pieces in the desert city, apart from many other artists who create art for the love of art, including the many Art Cars, vehicles from golf carts to buses disguised as Dragons, pirate ships, giant discotheques or luminous toilets. Some things to do at the Burning Man Fest are:

You Can See the “Burning Man” Live

The Burning Man event is so called because of a nocturnal sabbatical ritual, in which a statue in the shape of a man is burned. There are people who volunteer to clean the place when everything ends.

One of the most important things for the organizers and attendees of the event is that there is no trace of what happened there, that is why the “burn” ritual.

Something to Transport You

It’s almost mandatory to take a means of transport, it can be a car, bicycle, skates, or even a Segway to walk through the Burning man festival, since it is something very big that is built throughout the Black Rock desert.

You Must Go Through an Initiation Ritual

First-timers in the festival must, when entering, throw themselves on the ground and roll on the sand. While rolling on the ground, called the beach, they must shout “I’m a virgin no more” to make it clear that one of the key elements of this festival is to get dirty no matter what.

Gift Something Is One of the Principles

The economy of Black Rock City is based on gifting. The point is to give the goods to the rest of the attendees, with the exception of coffee and ice, but it is not an exchange since you cannot demand anything as you pay. For the operation of this system, reciprocity is the key and all attendees have everything they need.

Appreciate the Art

Artists from all over the world contribute their work to the festival. There are all kinds of collaborations and in order not to break the tradition, these works are burned at the end of the festival.

The pieces of art that are exhibited are incredible, as you can also see a lot of street art or arts cars. Another great thing about the festival is that the same collaborators raise statues, temples, figures and more of real size to be exhibited as an appreciation of art.

We understand that the Burning Man festival is not your everyday festival and it can be hardcore for some new comers, but if you enjoy adventure, give it a try, you won’t regret your time.

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