Music News Sources

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As you may know, we make music our business. We believe that music is something that needs our continued support and our care. In order to achieve that, we all need to pay very close attention to the events that happen in the world and the industry of music.

We’re sure that you are very aware of the fact that many highly respected musicians have made rather questionable decisions but that does not remove the fact that they were able to create something that would outlive them. A legacy of harmonious compositions that befit modern standards. Since we highly believe that more and more people should empower their knowledge regarding music, it only follows that you should have regular music sources to consult.

These are a few that we check back upon every now and then:

Rolling Stone

This is definitely a publication that has had its share of notoriety and edgy coverage and perceptions of music and the artists that create them. This is what makes them a good resource. It provides a completely different take and a wholly different look at the people in the music industry.


If you’ve only ever wanted to read up on the most updated and pertinent news regarding artists and their lives and their music, this is one resource that you should definitely subscribe to. What we like about this publication is that they keep track of the rankings of music and gives everyone a better chance of remembering history as it occurs.

Do you happen to have a publication or a resource that you trust for music news and updates? Would you like to share them with us? If so, please take a gander at our contact page and share your reliable sources with us!