4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Rockaoke Band for Your Event

4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Rockaoke Band for Your Event

There is a new modality of entertainment for some events and parties, which is Rockaoke. This not a conventional karaoke, it’s all the opposite. The goal is to make the audience feel authentic rock stars. They offer you the band live and you offer your voice. It’s something that can be fun, so it’s worth it. Now, how to know when to hire a good rockaoke for an event? Here are some tips:

The Band’s Experience

Look at the time the band has been working and playing live shows to know if they have experience and if it’s worth the money you’ll be spending. There are some bandeoke who have very little time, sometimes they do not rehearse, so it’s something they do not take seriously and you will not know if they are good live or not. So to save yourself from a disaster, ask first.

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Ask Them to Play for You

A way of knowing if the band is good or not is asking them to play a little of what would be their show. If you cannot go to the place where they rehearse, ask them to show you videos of the recitals they have given in order to be sure it will be a show of your liking and if what they offer as performers is something good and fun.

Song Selection

Make sure you know what kind of songs they play, and how many songs they know. Since the idea is that they have variety and that the guests can choose songs at random to sing. Many bands doesn’t care to lie and say that they know 1,000 songs and when the day of the event arrives, they do not even know the most classic Led Zeppelin song.

Therefore it’s recommended that you consult with the band and say how many songs they know and how many they can play, in order to be sure of what you are going to offer to the guests.

band3 - 4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Rockaoke Band for Your Event

Are They Professionals?

Ask if it’s a professional band, and if they are, show pictures of their shows and stuff. Since there are many bands that are starting, this is just mandatory. To avoid a dislike of a show that is not going to be the one you wanted, simply confirm that they are professionals and responsible.

We understand there are many bands that offer rockaoke nowadays, some that have no experience, so if you want to provide a good show that your guests can enjoy, follow these tips and spend the best night of all.

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